Ice Cream Sunday

The next Ice Cream Sunday will take place on Sunday 26th May in the large upstairs hall in Stow Brae Kirk. This month's theme is 'Being Different' celebrating the fact that we are all different with different skills and gifts that make each of us unique.  We can celebrate not being perfect!

We look forward to welcoming back all the children who have previously attended and, of course, we want to encourage any newcomers to attend.  You will definitely enjoy it!

The large hall is laid out with lots of table top games so, when the children arrive, they always have something to play with and amuse themselves until we get properly underway with the activities.

The first activity is a game (usually quite an energetic one) to start things off!  This is followed by craft work which is described in detail by our craft expert, Irene.  There will be a variety of crafts this month and these will be explained in detail before everyone begins. 

We then have a short break while we enjoy our Ice Cream Cones which are seriously yummy! Returning to the back hall we round the morning off with another game after which the children collect their goodie bags with all their crafts and a reminder of when the next Ice Cream Sunday takes place.